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Credit Piggyback

When faced with the problem of a poor credit score, it’s easy to feel down and unsure of how you will be able to improve it.  It can be very discouraging to have a credit reporting agency examine low scores when you are ready for a new beginning or to make a big purchase.  Improving your credit score is made much easier with a credit enhancement with a term called “credit piggybacking”.

What is Credit Piggybacking?

Purchasing an authorized user Tradelines from our company will add you to our revolving credit accounts.  Our accounts have years of perfect payment history and extremely low utilization ratios. Each month the creditor reports this history not only for the primary cardholder, but also for the authorized users on the account. This is known as credit “piggybacking.” Piggybacking is real, it works, and it is completely legitimate. About 30% of credit reports contain at least one authorized user account, so their presence is not unusual.

If you are wondering how “credit piggybacking”, can help your financial situation, contact CreditPro Enhancement today to learn more.

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